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Police Dogs and


Dr. Tyler D. Parry discusses how dogs have been unleashed as tools of anti-blackness and an extension of enslavement.

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Exceptional Women of Early Amerirca 

Dr. Holly NS White explores the women who took center stage in Hamilton's era, and others in the crucial ensemble cast of America. 


19th Century Post-Mortem Imagery 

Dr. Melissa DeVelvis explains the popularity of post-mortem portraiture in the Victorian era and the social customs surrounding death 

History & Culture
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Gone With the Wind: A Movie, A Monument 

Dr. Tyler D. Parry studies how this film could be thought of as a monument to the mythology of the Lost Cause.

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Frock the Vote: Stories of Women's Suffrage 

Dr. Marcela Micucci sheds light on untold stories of the road to women winning the right to vote. 


Brighter, Blacker Futures: Afrofuturism and Apocalypse

Journey with Dr. Li Sumpter through mythic landscapes of the black radical imagination. 

Science & Nature

How Beer Fueled Civilization 

Dr. Jessica Zinskie describes how beer shaped the development of early civilization, and the science behind the brews of thousands of years ago.

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